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Quick Tip Tuesday

Did you know that we -more often than not- will find additional hidden damage after your initial estimate? Below are a few reasons for this and important notes to remember.

1. Insurance companies are now utilizing "photo estimates." They ask you to take photos of your damaged vehicle, then they immediately send you an estimate and a check. They hope that you will cash this check, not get the repairs completed, and they save $.

2. Body shops cannot just charge for something that we cannot prove is damaged. As an insurance-based industry, we must disassemble, take photos and often show invoices to prove additional damage.

3. There can be broken clips, supports, you name it, that are hidden and broken under the exterior damaged panels of your vehicle.

4. The additional damage, if it adds repair time, will justify the length of your rental vehicle if you're in one.

5. The additional damage will not increase your deductible or policy rate changes, if any.

Let us know if you have any questions!


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