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The Hidden Cost of a Dirty Car

If you’re anything like me, you don’t wash your car often enough. You mean to, but don’t make it a priority. After all, a dirty car isn’t going to affect your insurance premium, your gas mileage, and you might save a few bucks by not visiting automatic car washes. But in the long term, not washing your car may have a more costly affect on your car’s value and life.

Obviously, a car covered in dirt and grime is unsightly. However, the bigger concern is that that layer of dirt and dust is scratching the clear coat of paint on your car. Thus exposing the paint to the elements, including UV radiation, and this will eventually wear down your car’s protective barrier until it is at risk of developing rust.

Rust, or oxidation, is the natural process of metals breaking down when they’re exposed to air. One minor scratch on your car that exposes the metal to the elements is all it takes for rust to develop. And once it starts, it’s not going to stop.

Taking the time to thoroughly wash the salt, sand, dirt and dust off of your car can significantly decrease the risk of developing rust, and will increase your car’s life exponentially. So, how often should you wash your car? Try once per week and your car will thank you for it!

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